Tax Rebates for the Gold Industry

One of the best ways to improve at something, including practical shooting, is to invest some time in an instructional course. No matter what your level of experience and ability, it is highly likely you will benefit in attending such a course. The Double-Alpha Academy recognised this early one and now have a range of courses on offer for practical shooters who are looking to improve their skills.

The Technicality of TAX Rebate


Tax rebate on Gold?

If you have are thinking about gold then you also need to be aware of tax rebates and taxes themselves. One typical type of tax rebate that most of our customer use is to do with uniform tax and they use a tax rebate calculator from various uniform tax rebate companies such as and  who specialize in hmrc tax rebate, to determine exactly how much rebate is due for them.

As IPSC does not feature the same shots in repetition like some other shooting disciplines, the need to be able to make quick-fire tactical decisions during an event is very important. Match experience is a vital way of developing this skill, but it can also be taught, and this is where the Technical & Tactical course comes into play.

Again this is a one day course, expected to last up to eight hours, with a an hour lunch and break and shorter impromptu breaks as necessary. The format of the course is a mixture or classroom based learning and practical delivery through time at the range shot timer. Participants will require 250 rounds of ammo to cover the duration of the course.

Participants in this course can expect to develop and improve their tactical analysis of stages to get a better understanding of how to approach them.

Custom Tax Rebate Profiles

If a more tax efficient solutions is needed that it is recommended to contact the HMRC uniform tax refund team. It is also possible to create customised courses. Existing courses can be combined and rearranged, or broken down to suit your needs. It is also possible to drill down in the individual sections of an existing course in order to cover a module in greater depth. Private coaching is also available from DAA and the legendary practical shooter Saul Kirsch. This can be booked on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

As you can see, as well as being a popular one-stop-shop for those in the market for practical shooting equipment, DAA has a varied range of courses to help participants improve their techniques and abilities.