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We will carry out a free analysis of all of your items made from gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Apart from gold jewellery, coins, bars and cutlery, we can also analyse special items such as gold nuggets, dental gold and scrap. We offer an extremely high purchasing price for all precious metals.

We can show you how to determine the value yourself

If you want to, you can also work out the value of your valuables using our online instructions on how to determine the value. The advantage is obvious: If you know the approximate value of your items, then you can make a direct comparison of all purchasing prices. Learn today how to work out the value of your items and compare our offer with the prices of other gold buyers such as jewellers, refining establishments or pawn shops.

Online valuation instructions

Bet you won’t find a better offer? Our company frequently offers several hundreds of pounds more than our competitors (Source: Customer feedback)!